MAP- Lost Valley Farm 17 v1.2 FINAL UPDATE!

Lost Valley Farm 17

Lost Valley Farm is a standard size map for Farming Simulator 17 and features all the great things you have come to expect in a map. It has natural shaped fields that have missions on them to help you make extra income, a large forestry area with many production facilities to use the trees you cut to make money, and of course multifruits.  The map was built on Stevie’s version 7 starter map so it is packed with all the great things offered on his maps. Take some time to check out this great map and don’t forget, it is seasons Mod ready if you are brave enough to use it!

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Lost Valley Farm with Seasons Mod – New Series Comes to The Channel

Hey everyone. Just a quick note today to let you know that I have decided to add seasons to my Lost Valley server so I can play the map through with it installed. The first few episodes might be a little rough as we work out how to best use this mod but the farm will make it. It might be in the second year but it will make it.

Please join me, Jules, Barry, and anyone else we bring into the mix as we work hard on the farm and show you what hard work can do on this new map. If you are interested in the map, you can download it here and seasons mod is available in the Giants Mod Hub in your game.

Have fun and be sure to stop and see me on the channel at every day at 11am EST and Evenings at 8 pm EST...

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Great Western Farms 17 Map – WIP

Work has begun on the New Great Western Farms 17 map! It is being built on Stevie’s V7 starter and promises to be better than the original. I am currently laying out the map and the design to make it close to the original but with some added features and a slightly different look. I will be updating this post as I make progress on the map so stay tuned for information as it is available.

Watch the progress in the post below and be ready for the new map to launch in the Nov.-Dec. timeframe!

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Chris Kimball Gaming Joins Simulation HQ

There are a lot of cool things that come out of streaming and gaming but today I am happy to say one of the coolest things in a while has happened. Chris Kimball Gaming was accepted to the stream team of SimulationHQ  on Twitch. It is a huge milestone for this little channel as we claw our way up the ranks and take a spot as a true member of the streaming community. Thank you to all the great fans that have followed along the way and I sincerely hope to continue the path and take Chris Kimball Gaming forward to big things in the future.


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