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MAP RELEASE: Great Western Farms REDUX

I know what you are all thinking. “Another version of the same map?” but Great Western Farms REDUX is not another version of the map, but rather, an expansion that should have been created when I made it. This release has some things moved around the map and makes it easier to work higher volumes […]

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ROPA Coming To Farming Simulator 17 in March

The word came out today that Giants is adding another expansion or DLC to the game. This one will contain the ROPA sugarbeet harvester and 5 other pieces of equipment. The big news about this is they are adding it to PC as well as console games. The DLC is on preorder now at […]

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MAP: Great Western Farms Production V1

Just like the original Great Western Farms but with several new additions and more focus on production. The Cola plant, BD’s coffee growing operation, and a custom Cherry Orchard all join the map. The auto sell triggers have all been removed as well. The milk sale is disabled so you have to haul your milk to the […]

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