Great Western Farms 17 V3 Final Release UPDATED

Great Western Farms 17 V3 Final Release


Here it is everyone! The final release of the Great Western Farms 17 map. This is the last release that will come out and as far as I am concerned, it is finished.

The map has a lot of new features and a lot of changes from the original that make it special to me. I have included as much information here as I can to help you run and play this map, though some of you may find it overwhelming in single player mode.

About The Map

This is a standard size map with a lot of things stuffed into it. It has the Dynamic Sky added to it like you have seen on a few maps around the community but Let’s start with the crops you can grow.


In this map you have the following crop types:

  • Base crops
  • Spelt
  • Triticale
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Sorghum
  • Millet
  • Cotton
  • Coffee
  • Alfalfa – Cut this with a forage harvester
  • Hops


All of these crops are planted and harvested in fields that you own. There are three orchards on the map as well:


  • Cherries
  • Plums
  • Olives

5 greenhouses let you grow Tomatoes, Melons, Pumpkins, Lettuce, and Cauliflower.

If that isn’t enough, you can tend the sheep, cows, pigs, and there are chickens that can be bought and sold.

There is a large pallet production plant to make the pallets you need around the map. Ever production needs pallets except for the potato washer and steamer.

Logging is a must so head up on the mountain and start cutting.

The spinnery has been replaced with a factory that takes your wool and cotton (and of course pallets) and turns them into T-Shirts, Jeans, and Wool Blankets that can be sold at a local shop.

You can use all the resources on the map to fill all the productions and receive products to sell in return. There is a meat packaging plant for beef and pork, a beer brewery, a sugar plant, a whiskey distillery, a soda production plant, coffee and compost bagging plants, and so much more. Take a drive around the map and explore all the spaces. While you’re at it, pick up all 100 gold nuggets and earn a cool million dollars for your work!

I hope you enjoy this map, based loosely in the central United States and ready for you to move in and make it your home.

Thanks for looking and Happy Farming!


  • Fixed sheep purchase trigger
  • Added digital fill level board to sheep silo
  • Add missing crops on digital board at the main silos

No New Save required!


  • Fixed the issue that was causing the game to crash when using seasons
  • Fixed the digester at the farm so it does not overflow anymore

No New Save Required Unless You Want To Start Seasons~


  • Fix for Whiskey Production
  • Added Oil as a Filltype
  • Added automatic watering trough addon at all animal areas
  • Floating Digestate fixed


  • Fixed broken trigger at the coffee bagging plant
  • Update sky to 4K Dynamic Sky Files


  • Fixed the Whiskey Production so the Sugar Trigger works properly with sugar pallets
  • Reduce the amount of compost being produced at the sugar plant


Map Link:!1BRHDL4C!Tbn95RKQXE_5ECA5J-JHGSK-4q-Ef-sTmrDsKidmOpo


Oil Tanker:!xMBygZBZ!YMQGyeJpy2bi8JccXw__zCCbAqrlSrjxtkLHSUrDp00

Final Release: Great Western Farms v2 SE

 Guys I have finished Great Western Farms V2. this is my personal edit of the map and I am releasing it to y’all. It has new crops like cotton, coffee, and alfalfa added to it and a few new productions as well as the need for you to make and supply pallets at every production site. Seasons works with it but the Straw Harvest DOES NOT! I have no plane to try and add or fix that so please don’t ask me to.  Enjoy the map and I will see y’all on online soon!

The link is to download the map is:!YchADCzA!hqlk6-0qFzE5PFTF7Hz3YIAe1QPnyA1zeCgDObe2mn8  You are free to share it or stream it if you would like. Have fun with it and Please understand that this is a different version that will require you to start a new save!