Great Western Farms 17 V3 Final Release UPDATED

Great Western Farms 17 V3 Final Release

Here it is everyone! The final release of the Great Western Farms 17 map. This is the last release that will come out and as far as I am concerned, it is finished.

The map has a lot of new features and a lot of changes from the original that make it special to me. I have included as much information here as I can to help you run and play this map, though some of you may find it overwhelming in single player mode.

About The Map

This is a standard size map with a lot of things stuffed into it. It has the Dynamic Sky added to it like you have seen on a few maps around the community but Let’s start with the crops you can grow.


In this map you have the following crop types:

  • Base crops
  • Spelt
  • Triticale
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Sorghum
  • Millet
  • Cotton
  • Coffee
  • Alfalfa ...
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Final Release: Great Western Farms v2 SE

 Guys I have finished Great Western Farms V2. this is my personal edit of the map and I am releasing it to y’all. It has new crops like cotton, coffee, and alfalfa added to it and a few new productions as well as the need for you to make and supply pallets at every production site. Seasons works with it but the Straw Harvest DOES NOT! I have no plane to try and add or fix that so please don’t ask me to.  Enjoy the map and I will see y’all on online soon!

The link is to download the map is:!YchADCzA!hqlk6-0qFzE5PFTF7Hz3YIAe1QPnyA1zeCgDObe2mn8  You are free to share it or stream it if you would like. Have fun with it and Please understand that this is a different version that will require you to start a new save!


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MAP RELEASE: Great Western Farms REDUX

I know what you are all thinking. “Another version of the same map?” but Great Western Farms REDUX is not another version of the map, but rather, an expansion that should have been created when I made it. This release has some things moved around the map and makes it easier to work higher volumes of animals on it. The changes go along ways to making the life more life-like as well.

Whats New?

The map now contains two fermenting silos and the pit in the yard is gone. There are multiple feed mixers at the cow and pig areas, two seed masters and more storage for things like seeds, fuel, and fertilizers...

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ROPA Coming To Farming Simulator 17 in March

ropa dlc is coming to fs17 in march.

The word came out today that Giants is adding another expansion or DLC to the game. This one will contain the ROPA sugarbeet harvester and 5 other pieces of equipment. The big news about this is they are adding it to PC as well as console games. The DLC is on preorder now at and is going to be $7.99 here is the US.  There is also a retail box set coming out that will contain the new DLC and the two prior DLCs, the Big Bud pack and the Kuhn Pack.

The DLC will be available on March 13th, 2018 and is available to preorder on the website.

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MAP: Great Western Farms Production V1

Just like the original Great Western Farms but with several new additions and more focus on production.

The Cola plant, BD’s coffee growing operation, and a custom Cherry Orchard all join the map. The auto sell triggers have all been removed as well. The milk sale is disabled so you have to haul your milk to the new sell point at the dairy and choose to sell it outright or put it in the production tank at the rear of the building so they can make hmilk and cheese for you to sell instead.

Come check out the differences but be aware that this version of the map does require a new save game.

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Great Western Farms 17 V1 w/Seasons

Today is the day!

I am excited to be putting this map out to the public and hope you all enjoy it.

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SCS Announces Release Date For New Mexico

Today we saw the announcement that SCS has indeed committed to the release date of November 9th for the New Mexico DLC. And it seems from their statements that they were indeed waiting to see how the beta version of the game reacted and what bugs were in it. Now here is the part we all debated for months. The cost of the DLC will be $11.99 here in the US. That’s right boys and girls, there are no more free states. Seems SCS has decided that if we want to roll across the state line, there will be a toll to pay!

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Geringhoff Folding Header Mod

Hey guys. I was digging through some of my mods from FS15 today and found the Geringhoff folding header that I reskinned for my own use. I have converted it to FS17 today and it works well. The header open to 5.5 meters and is a great option for small maps because you can fold it up and don’t need one of those stupid header trailers to transport it. It is available in red, yellow, and gray to match your favorite machine.

Take a look at it and let me know how it works for you!

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50 Meter Plow Re-skinned Green

This is the big 50 meter plow that you have seen us use on some of the larger maps we play. In those maps it is blue but I reskinned it green for you guys and a did a pink one for Jules.

You can download and use this all you want but please don’t blame me for the way it works. My only contribution to the plow is the color!

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American Truck Simulator is Haunted!

There are a lot of odd things that happen at night on the TruckersMP server but can SCS or TruckersMP explain this one to us, please. As far as I can tell, the ghosts of truckersMP past are coming out to play on the servers as we approach All Hallows Eve!

Now I am not saying there are really things that go bump in the night but this is truly ann unexplained phenomenon that happened right before our eyes. Watch for it at 38 seconds into the video!

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