MAP- Lost Valley Farm 17 v1.2 FINAL UPDATE!

Lost Valley Farm 17

Lost Valley Farm is a standard size map for Farming Simulator 17 and features all the great things you have come to expect in a map. It has natural shaped fields that have missions on them to help you make extra income, a large forestry area with many production¬†facilities to use the trees you cut to make money, and of course multifruits.¬† The map was built on Stevie’s version 7 starter map so it is packed with all the great things offered on his maps. Take some time to check out this great map and don’t forget, it is seasons Mod ready if you are brave enough to use it!

V1.1 Change Log

fixed woodchip trigger at Sawmill
fixed blinking tree at cow zone
Increase seed, Fertilizer, and liquid Fertilizer storage to 500,000l at the farm
Increased fuel storage on Farm to 750,000l at the farm
Added Slurry Storage at the farm
Renamed Some sell points
Adjusted Prices at Spinnery
Removed Field in Parking Lot of Mill Storage
Fixed Floating Tree at Gas Station
Added Foliage In Forestry Area

V1.2 Change Log

Added animal food storage
Added 10 Animals in all areas
Added Fuel, Seeds, And Fertilizer To Storage
Added More Grains and Animal Food To Silos to Better Work With Seasons Mod

UPDATE: No Savegame Restart
The frozen cows, pigs, and sheep have been resolved. Unzip the file and take the map file from inside and drop it over your current map in the mod folder. That is all there is to it.

FINAL UPDATE: No SaveGame Restart Required

This is the final update to this map. I have added Kastors Meat Factory, JDMods Beer Brewery, and The IGA to the map. Milk sales has been turned off and the sell point has been put at the IGA. There is also now a McDonalds sell point and a Dunkin Donuts on the map for decoration. The map has several new trailers in the pack and the sheet that gives you details about the map. Please UNZIP the file after you download it.

NOTE: This version fixes the gate issue that Giants update broke. This really is the last update unless Giants breaks it again.


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