MAP: Great Western Farms Production V1

Just like the original Great Western Farms but with several new additions and more focus on production.

The Cola plant, BD’s coffee growing operation, and a custom Cherry Orchard all join the map. The auto sell triggers have all been removed as well. The milk sale is disabled so you have to haul your milk to the new sell point at the dairy and choose to sell it outright or put it in the production tank at the rear of the building so they can make hmilk and cheese for you to sell instead.

Come check out the differences but be aware that this version of the map does require a new save game.

Download the map and unzip it. You need the trailer inside to haul the coffee and cherries to market. There is a pdf inside with some tips as well. Happy Farming All!


2 thoughts on “MAP: Great Western Farms Production V1

  1. hello,

    since yesterday we play the Great Western Farms Production in the MP. I searched for such a map for a long time and thank you for your work. The map is just great and we will have a lot of fun on it, I hope you keep working on it and bring out new productions and improvements. I would find great traffic and pedestrians as well as a slaughterhouse. Keep up the good work and thanks again for this great map.

    Greetings from Bavaria Germany

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