Great Western Farms 17 V1 w/Seasons

Today is the day!

I am excited to be putting this map out to the public and hope you all enjoy it.

The map is an American map set in the midwest if the U.S. and has lots to do and see.

Start with the greenhouses, the BGA, the farm, or the forestry. It is all on this map. If you are an animal person, there are 10 of each to get you started. Be careful though, the milk in the tanks does not sell automatically so if you are playing this map you need to manually sell it or take it to the dairy to be converted to cheese and hmilk that is then sold at them IGA. when the tank is full.

There are no trains, no traffic, and not zombie people on this map either.

Be sure to unzip the file to get to the map and info sheet inside.

Enjoy the Map.




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