Great Western Farms 17 Map – WIP

Work has begun on the New Great Western Farms 17 map! It is being built on Stevie’s V7 starter and promises to be better than the original. I am currently laying out the map and the design to make it close to the originalΒ but with some added features and a slightly different look. I will be updating this post as I make progress on the map so stay tuned for information as it is available.

Watch the progress in the post below and be ready for the new map to launch in the Nov.-Dec. timeframe!

Current Map Progress:

Layout 75% completed
Scripting 95% completed
Detailing 50% completed
Testing 20% completed

Great Western Farms 17 – Launching Nov. – Dec. 2017

UPDATE 10/19/2017 –Β  As of today, the map has a new production dairy in place and working and thatnks to JD Mods, we have a brand new brewery in place on the map!







Basic farm layout has been mostly completed but some detailsΒ are still being added to the home farm.

As of this update, the dealership has been completed and revised. It is now different in the design and layout but I think you will like the changes.

Animals are currently the focus and are coming along nicely.

I will update more as progress is made. Thanks for coming by to see what is happening on the farm!

2 comments to Great Western Farms 17 Map – WIP

  • scott anderson  says:

    So excited to see this map happening. I hope you are able to keep all the crop types cherries, beer plant etc..

    • ckimballgaming  says:

      The brewery will be on the map and hopefully the production diary. The cherries are hard to say for sure but we are working at it.

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