ROPA Coming To Farming Simulator 17 in March

The word came out today that Giants is adding another expansion or DLC to the game. This one will contain the ROPA sugarbeet harvester and 5 other pieces of equipment. The big news about this is they are adding it to PC as well as console games. The DLC is on preorder now at and is going to be $7.99 here is the US.  There is also a retail box set coming out that will contain the new DLC and the two prior DLCs, the Big Bud pack and the Kuhn Pack.

The DLC will be available on March 13th, 2018 and is available to preorder on the website.

SCS Announces Release Date For New Mexico

Today we saw the announcement that SCS has indeed committed to the release date of November 9th for the New Mexico DLC. And it seems from their statements that they were indeed waiting to see how the beta version of the game reacted and what bugs were in it. Now here is the part we all debated for months. The cost of the DLC will be $11.99 here in the US. That’s right boys and girls, there are no more free states. Seems SCS has decided that if we want to roll across the state line, there will be a toll to pay! Continue reading